Take a trip beyond the confines of your living room or local theater and spend a night in famous places you thought you could only visit on screen.

10 Famous places you can stay overnight from the movies

Our favorite films have a strong sense of authenticity built in – whether based on a true story or set in a real location.
Although it’s often more cost-efficient for movie studios to film on a lot in Hollywood, some of the most stunning works are filmed on location across the world.
From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to Lost in Translation, these films wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t draw from the surrounding environment. This infographic from Reservations.com shows some of the top film settings you can actually spend the night. That’s right: you can stay in the exact haunting hotel that inspired The Shining, and go way back and be at the source for Octopussy.
We’ve got a new bucket list.

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