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In the new age, content is truly king.

In the 21st century, it’s easier than ever to make movies, find an audience, and hone your craft.

The internet revolution has made filmmaking a potentially lucrative career. Makers need no longer toil in coffee shops on the fringes of society, hoping one day someone might, read, watch, or (gasp) even buy their work. If you want to be a filmmaker, you don’t need a side hustle to fall back on anymore. With all the opportunities available nowadays, it’s totally possible to make a great living from your work.
Information speeds around the web at the speed of lightning, and the barriers to entry to pursue a career in film are lower than ever. In fact, most of us carry around an HD movie camera in our pockets 24/7. It’s not inconceivable you could finish writing your script or filming your movie, sell it, and see production start all within one short 30-day period.
Unfortunately, traditional film and screenwriting education has been slow to adapt to the new era. Many established and well-respected institutions are teaching the same syllabi they were 20 years ago, with no consideration for the internet revolution.
Tuition fees are also drastically out of step with the potential earnings an everyday screenwriter might see. Graduate writers often start their careers with an albatross of debt hanging around their necks and no payday in sight.
Dusty lecturers at legacy schools might be totally ignorant of peak cinematic TV, web series, the indie film festival circuit, and the many opportunities afforded to creatives via online streaming networks.The “opinion leaders” you’re paying might never have experienced any real-life Hollywood successes outside the classroom – and if they did it was probably a long time ago.

If you dream of pursuing a career in the cinematic arts, FilmCraft has got your back.


We’re here to help you write or shoot that movie, launch that career, and get paid for your work.

The FilmCraft promise

We don’t set high barriers for students to enter our program – we keep things inexpensive and packed with relevant information.
We’re not incentivized to keep you in full-time education, but instead encourage you to get out into the working world and earn some of those sweet $$$s.
We update our courses whenever they need it – not once every quarter century.
We don’t teach untested theory; every method and technique you’ll learn has been used
We talk your language. We’re part of the digital revolution. Our courses are video-based, made by creators for creators.
Being a creative should be fun. We bring it with the jokes to keep you running back to your browser to check in on today’s lesson.
You can tell all your friends you’re a member of the most dope-ass private members’ club evah.
Learn from anywhere – on your own schedule.