College can be pricey. Learn about the Nancy Etz Scholarship and several other scholarships for aspiring film students.

Nancy Etz and Other Scholarships for Prospective College Students

Students need money to go to college and searching for scholarships helps students find as many funding options as possible. Reviewing a few scholarships helps students apply for as many as possible. Look through these scholarship options to determine which are best for you or your child. You can also offer these options to your students if they are looking for scholarships during their senior year. Current college students and even graduate students should also continue their search because there is funding for everyone.

Nancy Etz

Nancy Etz has scholarships for high school, college, and graduate students. This program asks students to write a short essay and await a decision. Students have the opportunity to talk about their special skills or things that set them apart. This is a wonderful exercise for students who prefer modesty to self-advertisement, and this essay could be used with other scholarship programs. 

With such a broad scope, this program allows students to pursue their dreams in any field they like from engineering to music, business, and more. The $1000 reward adds to the funds students need to handle expenses once they enroll.

Horatio Alger

The Horatio Alger scholarships program has a Northern California and a Southern California portion allowing students from both parts of the state to apply. The program for distinguished Americans wants to continue the American Dream for many years to come, and that is why this program is perfect for everyone from an immigrant to someone who is the first in their family to go to college. 

Students can apply online every year irrespective of their age from seniors in high school up to graduate students. The $10,000 reward helps students relieve their educational debt as they progress through school and begin their careers.

Benjy Grinberg

The Benjy Grinberg scholarship awards $1000 to students who want to turn their passions into careers. This is an excellent program for students who have niche interests or do not believe they can obtain degrees in their fields of study. 

As part of the program, the students write essays about their special interests. This essay allows students time to better explain why they have applied and what they hope to gain from the program. Read through the requirements for the program and send this scholarship opportunity to all the students you know. Because Benjy believes in the power of quality education, he wants students to have direct access to an education that gives them the career options they deserve.

Krishnan-Shah Family Scholarship

This scholarship program pays up to $40,000 over four years. Students can apply for this program right now, and they will receive a payment every year as they complete a standard four-year course. The scholarship focuses on needy students who are graduating in the region around Silicon Valley. First-time college students in needy families may apply, and students with a GPA from 3.75 to 4.0 may apply. 

Students must demonstrate that they plan to attend college full-time after accepting the award. Students can also show that they are committed to community service in any way that makes the greatest impact. As students apply, their essay should talk about their personal qualities that make them worthy of the scholarship, and they should also reflect on how they got to this point.

Anyone who wants to apply is welcome as the scholarship program welcomes both DACA students and US citizens. Anyone who is ready to apply can check out their website for more information. 

Bobette Bibo Gugliotta

The Bobette Bibo Gugliotta scholarship is intended for creative writers who wish to pursue the art in college. This particular scholarship allows creatives the funds they need to get to college or pay for expenses. This scholarship focuses both on the need and the merits of the applicant. You can submit your financial need documents with your scholarship application, and you can write an essay about why you want to go into the writing field. 

This scholarship also welcomes both DACA students and US citizens. You can forward this scholarship to friends and family who want to help their children go to school and possibly become the first person in the family to go to college.

Find the Best Scholarships for High Schoolers and College Students

The scholarships listed above help students find the money they need to get to college. Because college can be so expensive, students often apply for several scholarships hoping that they can collect as much money as possible. These scholarships have varying awards and requirements. You can take a look at the scholarships as you plan to apply, write their essays, and collect documentation as needed. You might also send these scholarships to your students because you know that they want to make it to college and move on to a successful career. 

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