Maso Rich has always been a writer, but he breaking barriors thanks to his company BubbaDutch and his latest book the 'Cursed Swords Logbook'.

Where will ‘Cursed Swords Logbook’ author Maso Rich go next?

Interactive projects are a rare commodity, especially when they span multiple mediums. So when Maso Rich tried to take his storytelling to the next level, it was a no brainer to create the Cursed Swords Logbook through his company BubbaDutch. With a graphic novel base, the Cursed Swords Logbook will take readers on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Combining his love of writing with his love of film, Rich has made it his mission to transform traditional storytelling through crazy adventures across books, technology, and more. While the Cursed Swords Logbook is his first foray into the interactive medium, it’s far from his last. 

We spoke with Maso Rich about his inspirations and why he chose to focus on an interactive storytelling medium. You can read our full interview with the author below. 

Maso Rich has always been a writer, but he breaking barriors thanks to his company BubbaDutch and his latest book the 'Cursed Swords Logbook'.

Did you always want to be an author? If not, what did you want to do initially?

I wanted to be a doctor like my dad but when I taught myself how to screenwrite I knew I wanted to tell stories. My love for screenwriting just turned into a love for writing.

You’re not the only artist in the family. Did your mother’s painting career inspire you to become a creator? 

100%. I thought I was so cool growing up with an artist mom. She’d make all the fun things we’d need for school or for fun. Just endless creativity around me. 

Were you a huge fan of pirates as a child?

Nothing in particular. I really enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean but I realized in the novel/graphic novel space there aren’t many pirate stories. I thought it was a good opportunity to try and create a franchise type piece of IP. 

Your company BubbaDutch specifically focuses on multi-medium projects such as the Cursed Swords Logbook. What made you want to create your own company?

I just wanted to have a place where I can produce my own work. I just started a company in case I got lucky and sales went well. We shall see if it was worth it.

Why did you want to make the Cursed Swords Logbook an interactive project?

Well I had to produce something that I could 100% produce and something that I thought people would want. The questions were ‘How do you stand out against 10000 other graphic novels and novels?’ and ‘How do you get teens off their screens and in a physical book that’s just as grabbing as social media?’ 

I thought the book had to have features that the screens couldn’t provide. The smell, touch, and design had to also tell the story of the characters not just the words.

How did the team behind the Cursed Swords Logbook come together? 

I found the illustrator on an art forum in 2017, the editor is an old friend of mine, and the book manufacturer I found on Alibaba.

Walk us through your creative process with a project like the Cursed Swords Logbook.

I outline the whole story then I take it chapter by chapter. Sending it to the artist each chapter. We usually are racing to who can finish their next page first, the illustrator or myself.

Why was the medium of a graphic novel the basis for the Cursed Swords Logbook?

I actually started this as a novel project but I just wanted to write it in the screen format since it was a hobby project for me. Then I got the idea to do an interactive book and just started doing it. First thing I did was switch it to half novel and half graphic novel. This way it’s like reading the ultimate picture book.

What made you decide on a pirate theme for the project? 

As I mentioned, there aren’t many pirate stories that are very popular. Only Pirates of the Caribbean really comes off as a big title pirate era story. I thought there was an opening in that genre for something new and inventive to compete.

Do you think interactive books are the future of literature? 

I honestly don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like this and that’s why I did it. If I could get the price point down I’m sure it could. It’s a hard thing to predict with all the tech that comes out as the main competitor for ‘eye time’. I’d like to find out though!

Give us a tease of what readers can expect from the Cursed Swords Logbook

For his entire life, Rhodes was just a mere commoner on an island that had been forgotten and blocked off by the outside world with no explanation. A place where you’re at the whim of the governing powers and no sign of escape. Then one day, he lets Darkness control him, and he turns to pirate life. Can he reach his world’s highest heights, despite his cursed beginnings?

As Rhodes, his brother Dylvin, and their friends are forced by circumstance to finally escape their hell on earth, they head out to the sea with two mystical swords in tow that have passed down through the guardians of Paliss. 

From adventure to adventure, Rhodes and his crew must navigate unknown dangers and myths, unfolding the history of the String Islands while they attempt to escape the shackles of their past. They are not prepared for what awaits them, but this band of inexperienced men and women is fast whipped into shape for the biggest fight of their lives. 

The truth lies within his journal entries.

Where would you like to see your company BubbaDutch go next?

I’m an animation producer as well as everything else, so I’d really like BubbaDutch to get big enough where I can produce an animated show or two. It’s to be determined at this point.

Could you ever see yourself creating an interactive film or TV show?

I developed something like that after watching Bandersnatch on Netflix. I think it would be a fun project to create some more interactive projects.

If you could pass on a message to a younger version of you, what would you tell yourself? 

Buy Bitcoin. Haha but really it’s just keep going down your path. Whatever comes your way is meant to be, but never stop battling for what you want to spend your life doing.

Can you tease any future projects you have coming up, whether personal or with BubbaDutch?

Well I’m developing an animated show currently to pitch to a popular NFL player. Not sure how this will play out but if it goes well it would be pretty cool.

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