We sit down with Cindy Goldberg, drummer and brainchild of 'Beat Keepers: Women with Rhythm!', which is currently rounding out a crowdfunding campaign.

Cindy Goldberg and “Beat Keepers: Women With Rhythm!”

Women play drums, too. That’s the premise behind a forthcoming documentary made by female drummers in the U.S. and Canada about women drummers. The brainchild of Ontario-based drummer Cindy Goldberg, Beat Keepers: Women With Rhythm! is coming soon to show us the talents of these amazing female percussionists. 

Featuring women from all walks of life who came to the drums in a variety of ways, Beat Keepers: Women With Rhythm! features women who love nothing more than playing the drums. We were delighted to sit down with drummer and visionary of the project, Cindy Goldberg, to chat Beat Keepers, which is currently rounding out it’s crowdfunding campaign.

FD: What was the inspiration behind Beat Keepers?

CG: I’ve been a musician for 40 years, I took up drumming four years ago. I fell in love with drumming right away. I soon learned there were relatively few women drummers on the scene. I decided I needed to meet them and hear their stories. 

In 2017, I decided to create a short documentary about local female drummers. The film was well received and people suggested I created a longer film, centering on many more drummers from across Canada and the United States.

What is the relationship between the movie’s team and drumming? Are there other drummers in the team other than yourself? 

The creative team is located in Bogota, Colombia. They are a team of professional film and audio editors. The main editor, Javier, is not a drummer but he is a musician. Because of his musical background he understands how to make a very compelling and artistic movie based around music.

Who are the drummers we should watch on the circuit right now?

“Wow . . . there are so many. I want to keep abreast of all the emerging and established women drummers in my film. I’ve learned something from all of them. They’re all my heroes!”

We know it’s hard to decide, but was there a standout interview from the film? 

Each and every interview moved me. I’ve made some meaningful connections with several of the drummers outside the movie and have seen them after the interviews. I spent my birthday in Buffalo, New York with Colleen Mastrocovo of Hair Nation, for example. And Roy Nichol (of the infamous band April Wine) has been mentoring me as a drummer.

What’s next for the Beat Keepers movie?

We’ll finish the movie in July and start screening the film at film festivals as early as August. We hope it will also get picked up by an online services so that anyone and everyone has an opportunity to see it and learn about these amazing musicians.

How did you find the filmmaking process?

It’s been a lot of hard work! You have to put in the time, day & night and make many sacrifices. But it’s been worth every minute I’ve spent on the project. Indeed, I believe it’s going to be the project of a lifetime.

What was the hardest part of the filmmaking process? 

If I could start over, I would have pursued grant applications early on, before I began the project. Funding has been tight. But again, this is worth the investment. I’m honored to bring more recognition to female drummers.

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See Cindy in action playing in her band Restless Soul.

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