Movie background music evokes powerful emotional responses from the audience. Films rely on music to set the scene, lure us in, and captivate our attention.

How to choose the right epic music for your film

An endless stream of imaginative flair begins with a single note

Music inspires us in so many ways. It is beautiful soul food, inspirational and motivational. It is a powerful catalyst, stirring up our wildest emotions, fears, and aspirations. It is the great elixir of life; a veritable buffer against the chaos and noise of the world. Music has the capacity to be transformative, both awe-inspiring and epic. Film is heavily reliant on infusing the perfect blend of audiovisual elements for maximum effectiveness.

Indie musicians routinely conjure up what can best be described as unbelievable artistic creations in the acoustic realm. Video creators from all walks of life rely heavily on mood to tell a story effectively. Our ability to process a screenplay hinges upon the effectiveness of the overall product; that means musical overlays are sacrosanct.

The minstrels who craft the soundtracks for films come from all walks of life, with many independent artists among them. These talented professionals are looking to make their mark in the world. Filmmakers, particularly independent video creators, work with limited budgets to bring their imaginative projects to life. It is often challenging to bring filmmakers and musicians together, particularly with all the regulatory constraints in the industry.

Crafting a masterful work of film with a captivating soundtrack

It’s never easy creating a tour-de-force of filmmaking on a shoestring budget; such ambitious undertakings cut corners in video production – and it shows. Fortunately, there are cost-effective ways to create exceptional films with epic music in the mix.

Various grassroots initiatives now exist where talented musicians can showcase their wares on respected music platforms. Video creators routinely scour the internet and their contact lists for reputable providers of movie background music, often at great cost. Low-cost, high-quality providers of background music are rare and it takes some digging to uncover them.

The film industry is dominated by heavyweights whose studios tend to monopolize the box office. Indie filmmakers, talented though they may be, are often left wanting. Forces within the industry have now coalesced to afford independent filmmaker’s opportunities they have never had before.

One of the most meritorious developments to take place for video creators is affordable access to high-quality licensed music. This naturally raises the question: what is epic music and how do you get hold of it?

Great storylines are often grand ideas, themes, and epic sagas. Think of the universal themes – Good vs. Bad, Love vs. Hate, Internal Conflicts vs. External Conflicts, and so forth. As the contrast widens, so too do the stakes in the film. Films need to compress days, weeks, months or years into a two-hour saga. To do so, they need to captivate the audience’s attention as quickly as possible.

Epic music muddles the lines between fiction and reality; it creates overwhelming sensations of angst, elation, euphoria, triumph, or sadness within moments. These deep-seated feelings can drive the narrative in a film and make it all the more powerful.

From the orchestral beats of medieval films and battle scenes, to the dissonant, discordant, and jarring sounds of a horror fest about to unfold, the right music for the appropriate genre is paramount. It’s all about making the audience feel engaged. Without that sense of inclusion, the film is lost at sea.

What is the music that will best drive the narrative? What will inspire the audience, pull on the proverbial heart strings? A story without music loses its appeal. Consider the case of the final battle scene in The Avengers, or a training montage in a Rocky movie. Music is the catalyst that ramps up the excitement. A horror movie without the shrill sounds and eerie beats is not scary at all. Filmmakers know this and they work hard to mix the perfect musical score with their screenplay for maximum effect.

Instantly access a global database of indie artists

Royalty free music is a tremendous boon for the industry, as it provides unfettered access to fabulous musical scores for filmmakers and audiences. Producers can tailor their range of offerings according to tempo, duration, theme, genre, and instrument. A smorgasbord of fine selections is available, with crystal clear musical scores. The clarity, quality, and transcendent allure of the orchestral melodies is stunning. A large and growing body of work is now available to filmmakers – and it’s much easier to access, too.

Liberalization of the music industry through innovation

Producers know all too well about the challenges involved in acquiring suitable music for opening credits, closing credits, emotionally charged moments, and jarring scenes. Musical artists are often contracted to the large studios, and many of the acclaimed aficionados choose not to work with independent filmmakers. Old-school methodology and red tape served as a disincentive to going it alone, but the tide has certainly changed.

Now, the erstwhile difficulties experienced by filmmakers are no longer an issue to contend with. Music artists can share their incredible abilities through reputable online platforms. Video creators can shop for immersive and engaging musical scores at their leisure for pennies on the dollar.

The tables are turning. Nowadays musicians are paid handsomely for their efforts and video creators get to enjoy liberal access to a terrific body of work. The result is a net win for artists, filmmakers and audiences alike.

Daisy Franklin is an adventuress, rabblerouser, and all-around snarky bon viveur. She worked in the music business for ten years and it made her absolutely miserable. Now she works as a freelance writer and is working on her first book, 'Live to Fail Another Day'.

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