From Zero to Hero: Write Your Short in 30 Days

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Struggling to find a job that fits your life goals?

Working as a waitress at a cocktail bar?

Toiling away at the last video rental store in town?

Are you a frustrated teacher, underemployed barista, disrespected journalist, bankrupt blogger, broke housesitter, or storytelling stripper?

At night, do you dream of becoming a sensational scriptwriter?

Many blockbuster screenwriters had very little in the way of a formal film education. They got their start by studying movies, watching people, and putting ink to paper & writing a short film.


FilmCraft is about to make your employment transition tons easier than that. Stop dreaming and start writing – Go From Zero to Hero with our Write Your Short in 30 Days program.

Finally, creative education that speaks your language! Made by creators, for creators.

WTF will I be learning?

Short but sweet, all 95 minutes of our program are jam-packed with amazing information.

Start today – write tomorrow

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The nitty-gritty

  • $25 gets you lifetime access to this program.
  • Bolt on our script coverage service for $15 and we’ll provide 3 pages of detailed coverage.
  • Mentorship is also available – get in touch to request.
  • Bingewatcher, or a slowpoke? We do suggest watching a lesson a day, but you’re free to go at your own pace.
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