At the core of every community the world over is the desire to speak and learn from each other. We don’t know if ancient Egyptians got writer’s block, but we do know writing a screenplay can feel daunting at times. Fear not, dear writer, as

Are you constantly stressed, juggling a million projects? Can you never find enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you marvel when your friends show you their fully completed creative projects? Do you love starting projects, but fail to finish them? You, my friend, need to

So you took the advice from "Passion projects: When to outsource and how?" and you now have a solid support team in place – but you have never been a manager before. Here are our tips for turning your freelance team into a well-oiled machine. Plan,

We’ve all been there. Your latest independent project attracted a bit of attention and people are forming an orderly queue to work with you. You’re flattered and think it might be nice to have a little support for once. A few months down the line,

Over the years, the importance of a strong logline has been drilled deeply into my brain. But the logline is still a mythical beast – colleagues often ask me Exactly what is a logline? and Why do you love them so damn much? A logline isn’t